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Congratulations to the 2019 SCI://TECH winners!

posted Feb 26, 2019, 11:54 AM by Monica Bomkamp Enia   [ updated Feb 26, 2019, 11:59 AM ]

Cheers to the following students who placed first in their respective SCI://TECH events and competitions!

Anadarko Senior High Science Bowl

Boone Beyer, Travis Ford, Joshua Lazaro, and Sawyer Liner

Chevron Phillips Chemical Senior High Science Fair

Jamisen Coumbe, 9th Grade Division Earth/Space

Alejandro Flores, 9th Grade Division Physics & Astronomy

Faith Foster, 9th Grade Division Energy and Transportation

Nadia Generes, 9th Grade Division Engineering: Chemical

Maxime Grousseau, 9th Grade Division Engineering: Aerospace

Makenzie Grutkowski, 9th Grade Division Animal Science

Kwesi Halm, 9th Grade Division Chemistry

Luc Huyn, 9th Grade Division Biochemistry/Microbiology

Yasmin Jackson, 9th Grade Division Environmental Science

William Kaiser, 9th Grade Division Computer Science, 9th Physical Science Grand Award 

Annika Leong, 9th Grade Division Medicine/Health

Michael Menezes, 9th Grade Division Mathematics

Mahi Patel, 9th Grade Division Behavioral/Social Science, 9th Life Science Grand Award 

Addison Rosenbaum, 9th Grade Division Plant Science

Sabharinathan Senthilkumar & Jason Sharer, 9th Grade Division Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical/Civil

Jessica Svetlitski, 9th Grade Division Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering

Mijo Thayill Thomas, 9th Grade Division Robotics and Intelligent Machines


Christopher Calizzi, Senior Division Animal Science

Prerit Choudhary, Senior Division Medicine/Health

Shobha Dasari, Yashas Salankimatt, & Andrew Yu, Senior Division Engineering: Electrical/Mechanical/Civil

Alex Deng, Senior Division Engineering: Chemical

Nicholas Devault, Senior Division Energy and Transportation

Steven Drabbant & Jack Paylor, Senior Division Earth/Space Science

Michael Gerhard, Senior Division Environmental Science, Senior Life Science Grand Award

Ashley Gibson, Senior Division Mathematics

Derek He & Ian Pedroza, Senior Division Computer Science

Kabir Jolly, Senior Division Robotics and Intelligent Machines, Senior Physical Science Grand Award

Adham Kassem, Senior Division Plant Science 

Melannie Nimocks, Senior Division Biochemistry/Microbiology

Mary Roccaforte, Senior Division Engineering: Aerospace

Sebastian Saenz, Senior Division Physics & Astronomy

Arman Sharma, Senior Division Engineering: Material & Bioengineering

Ruth Simpson, Senior Division Behavioral/Social Science

Ethan Yu, Senior Division Chemistry


Consolidated Communications Junior High Engineering Design Competition

Alberto Cabrera & Aidan Seymour, We are Farmers, Best Project Overall  

Omar Afzal, Seb Coles, & Justus Languell, Tiny Texas Torque, 7th Grade Best Vehicle

Alberto Cabara & Aidan Seymour, We are Farmers, 8th Grade Best Vehicle

Spencer Clouthier, Alisa Noro & Acacia Zhang, The Integrated Circuits, 7th Grade Best Journal

Ana Contrucci & Jasmine Gonzales, Panic Switches, 8th Grade Best Journal


Entergy Junior High Science Fair

Coming soon.


Junior High Science Bowl

Surya Arakere, Lauren Everett, Eman Fayyaz, Pranav Joshi, & Maddie Shepherd


Lone Star College – Montgomery Biotechnology Competition

Sarah Kong & Alison Jin, Overall Excellence

Andrew Miller & Jeramiah Elizabe, Excellence in Data Analysis

Octavia Mudura & Micha Bermoy, Technical Excellence


Math Bowl

Jay Chakraborti, Michael Frost, Cadan Hanson, Aubree Lancial, Andrew Mahler, & Ben Wissink


Private School Science Fair

Jerome Agleam, 7th Grade Division Animal/Medicine/Health

Megan Brady, 7th Grade Division Chemistry

Grace Cruthirds, 7th Grade Division Biochemistry/Microbiology

Nathan Doiron, 8th Grade Division Computer/Math/Engineering &  Robotics & Intelligent Machines

Aubrie Edmondson, 7th Grade Division Environmental/Earth/Plant Science

Caleb Erickson, 8th Grade Division Behavioral/Social Science

Tristan Everett , 7th Grade Division Computer/Engineering & Robotics & Intelligent Machines

Alicia Fein, 8th Grade Division Physics/Energy/Transportation

Cameron Glowacki, 8th Grade Division Chemistry

Ryan Glynn, 7th Grade Division Physics/ Energy/Transportation

Aiden Preuss, 8th Grade Division Biochemistry/Microbiology

Audrey Sipko, 7th Grade Division Behavioral/Social Science

Daniel Stowe, 7th Grade Division Chemistry

Sofia Zeballos, 8th Grade Division Animal Science/Medicine/Health


Repsol Senior High Engineering Design Competition

Catherine Burr & Mikaela Wittevelt



Sanjan Sarang


Technical Writing

Michael Menezes, 9th Grade Division

Brendan Alam, Senior Division


posted Dec 18, 2018, 9:29 AM by EFTA Office

We are excited to be hosting our 29th SCI://TECH Expo for the students in Montgomery County! 

SCI://TECH events span four weekends beginning January 25 through February 16. The greatest volunteer need is for science fair judges on Friday, February 1 to serve either the Chevron Phillips Senior High Science Fair (7:45 am check-in), or the Entergy Junior High Science Fair (9:30 am or 2:00 pm check-in), or both.  No experience is needed, and a training is provided on-site.  SCI://TECH events take place at The Lone Star Convention Center.  

Click here to learn more or to register as a volunteer.  It is a great opportunity to interact with and show support for local students.  Please join EfTA in encouraging bright young minds!  

For more information, contact Corinne Coulter at ccoulter@efta-us.org, 936.271.6153.


posted Aug 29, 2018, 7:28 AM by EFTA Office   [ updated Aug 29, 2018, 7:45 AM ]

School is back in session which means the EfTA Career Connections program is back and we are looking for volunteers to come and share your life stories and advice with local high school students! 

Sign up today to be part of a career panel at Conroe and Oak Ridge High School! This will hands down be the easiest volunteer opportunity you have ever been a part of! 

Each month we meet with 25+ 10th and 11th graders to expose students to ways they can get there questions about their future answered. Whether students have a detailed plan for life or are still trying to figure out what happens after high school, the insights of volunteers in the workforce can prove valuable in helping encourage and shape tomorrow’s leaders.   

Sessions take place once a month during lunch at Conroe and Oak Ridge High Schools. Meetings start with a panel discussion and       Q & A based on the month’s topic where guest speakers share their honest feedback, and may follow with small group discussions or individual student activities. This is an opportunity for professionals to share their personal stories.  Students explore topics ranging from finding a career passion to job forecasting.  

From One Intern to Another

posted Jun 28, 2018, 11:19 AM by EFTA Office   [ updated Jun 28, 2018, 11:20 AM ]

            Hi! My name is Katie Pavlas and I’m currently interning at EfTA for 8 weeks this summer through the ExxonMobil Summer Jobs Program. During this time of the summer, EfTA is completely focused on their Student Internship Program. They have placed over 100 interns in businesses covering everything from marketing to chemical engineering and ranging everywhere from Houston to Willis. Still, Corinne and Monica make it a priority to visit with every intern. I’ve gotten a chance to go on a handful of these site visits and they have truly opened my eyes to the huge impact this program is making on students - and how much I wish I could’ve had this program when I was in high school!

On my site visits, I’ve seen some common impacts amongst the students, and those include: confirming that their current career path is exactly what they want to follow, realizing that there was a lot more to a job than they thought, or discovering an entirely new passion. For example, I’ve seen future veterinarians and doctors become even more passionate after witnessing surgeries first hand, a future engineer switch his passions from mechanical to chemical after experimenting in the lab, and a future marketing executive decide that maybe nursing was for her instead. Yet, no matter how sure the student is about his or her career path, each and every student I’ve seen gave the sense of being empowered. Empowered by the increased knowledge about what working looks like, but more importantly, who they are and who they want to become.

Looking back to the summer before my senior year of high school when I was filling out my college application, all I had to go on was what I thought my interests were, the many career quizzes I took (and still continue to take today) online, and faith that my life had a purpose, even if I didn’t know exactly what that was yet. To all the students reading, that last one is vital. Your purpose in life doesn’t start once you find your career, it has already started. Just keep learning and loving those around you, and the career will come - and it will come from experiences just like this one! The EfTA Student Internship Program gives students a real experience in the professional workforce. It is two weeks (80 hours) of discovery and growth by working for some of the most distinguished and hard working business people in Montgomery County. This unique experience is something I feel very lucky to have gotten to witness first hand and speak with the students involved. These EfTA interns are truly one of a kind and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

                   Programs Director, Corinne Coulter (left), President, Monica Bomkamp Enia (right), and I (center) at the ExxonMobil Summer Jobs Opening Ceremony.

Guest blog post by: Katie Pavlas

EfTA’s Student Internship Program Creates Impact on Local Students

posted Jun 28, 2018, 8:38 AM by EFTA Office   [ updated Aug 29, 2018, 7:44 AM ]

The Woodlands, TX - The annual Education for Tomorrow Alliance (EfTA) Student Internship Program luncheon sponsored by Sam Houston State University was held on Tuesday, June 26th at The Woodlands United Methodist Church. More than 200 student participants, intern employers and supporters celebrated their involvement.  

Dylan Johnson who interned at The Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership and Ruth Simpson who interned at Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital shared their insights on how EfTA’s Student Internship Program has impacted their growth. Dylan explains, “Starting on day one, the staff welcomed me and put me straight to work. I immediately felt valued and important with the tasks that they felt I was capable of doing.” He goes on to say, “I even went to an EfTA marketing committee meeting where I was able to actually contribute ideas”. Ruth’s experience shaped her, not only as a future surgeon, but as a person as well. In her speech she shares, “I have found myself transformed as an individual, becoming more cordial in public, at home, and in the aisles of H-E-B with total strangers. I applied for this internship to help myself better understand what I wanted to do as a career, but what I gained was even more than I could have ever asked for.” Keynote speaker Sheriff Rand Henderson offered students his advice including to cultivate connections, to never quit learning, and to put in the work required for a job done well.

The Student Internship Program provides an opportunity for Montgomery County high school students to explore career interests outside of the traditional classroom and gain valuable work experience during the summer before their senior year. This summer, EfTA has placed 118 public and private school students in two-week internships by partnering with 60 businesses from Houston to Willis. Collectively, intern hosts offered students more than 9,440 hours of hands-on learning to encourage early career exploration and development in a variety of industries.

The event concluded with three special recognitions. Ashley Rifaat, a recent graduate of The Woodlands College Park High School and 2017 EfTA intern at On Center Software was awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the Mark Woodings Education Foundation. In addition, Mckenzie Morris and Pearlyn Ang helped thank their respective intern hosts, Thais Amaral Tellawi from Amaral Tellawi Law and James Stilwell from Martin, Earl & Stilwell, LLP, for going above and beyond to ensure their interns had an extraordinary learning experience.   

Education for Tomorrow Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating business and community partnerships that advance student success. With innovative programs focused on career, leadership, and STEM exploration, EfTA has become the portal through which business leaders can access and strengthen local education. EfTA’s vision is that every student is equipped with the knowledge and skills to be career and college ready.

Dylan, EfTA intern at The Woodlands Area Economic Development Partnership, discusses lasting impact of internship.

Program Director at EfTA, Corinne Coulter (left), and President of EfTA, Monica Bomkamp Enia (right), present recent graduate of The Woodlands College Park High School and 2017 EfTA intern at On Center Software, Ashley Rifaat, The Mark Woodings Education Foundation Scholarship.

Staff at Houston Methodist The Woodlands and their two interns Ruth and Sofia celebrate a successful first year with EfTA interns at the Luncheon. 

Mark Adams, Dr. Dana G. Hoyt, and Dr. Dick Eglsaer presenting sponsors from Sam Houston State University celebrate students success and growth this summer. 

Student Internship Program #MeetTheInterns

posted Jun 27, 2018, 11:43 AM by EFTA Office   [ updated Jun 27, 2018, 11:53 AM ]

This year we placed over 100 students into two week (80 hour) internships with the help of our amazing business and community mentors ranging from leaders in veterinary sciences, chemical engineerings, education, architecture, law, and everything in between.

Want to know what EfTA's student interns in the Student Internship Program are getting up to this summer? Check us out on Instagram (@efta_official)and Facebook to keep up to date and #MeetTheInterns.

Here are a couple of examples of some of the amazing high school students EfTA has placed in internships this summer.

Meet Melissa, one of the multitalented EfTA interns at The Woodlands Township. While all the interns at The Woodlands Township get to do real field work focused in trapping and testing hundreds of mosquitos, Melissa went above and beyond and guest wrote an article for The Township Blog, including a beautiful drawing done by Melissa herself! Check it out using this link → https://thewoodlandstownshipblog-environment.com

Meet Gabe, one of the hardworking EfTA interns at Huntsman. Under the guidance of Michelle Coleman, he has had the opportunity to complete high pressure re-testing of surfactants in the lab. Gabe, who originally planned on pursuing Mechanical Engineering, has discovered a newfound passion in Chemical Engineering through his time at Huntsman.

Keep up the fantastic work, students!

Congratulations to the the 2016 Science Fair Winners

posted Feb 3, 2016, 7:36 AM by Monica Bomkamp Enia   [ updated Feb 3, 2016, 8:43 AM ]

Chevron Phillips Senior High Science Fair First Place Winners

Oliver Abdulrahim Computer Science Concurrent Therapy
Hina Akbar Physical Science Desalination Using Mediator-Less Microbial Fuel Cells
Ajitha Anand Life Science The Miracle Pill: Part II
Zach Boudreaux Physics & Astronomy A Scope on Your Phone
Nicholas Bracci Engineering Bio-Engineered Concrete: A Sustainable Self-Healing Material
Emily Campbell Physical Science Rotating Solar Panel
Dhwaani Chaturvedi Physical Science Rotating Solar Panel
Adithya Chunengad Energy and Transportation Microbial Fuel Cells: Waste to Energy Part 2
Amanda Doyle Animal Science (Zoology) The Paleontologist's Guide to Intelligence II
Ava Henson Behavioral/Social What Did You Say?
Khoa Ho Life Science Melatonin Machine
Victoria Hunt Chemistry Chlorine Removal Using Activated Carbon III
Praneel Joshi Energy and Transportation Testing and Improving Factors of Battery Efficiency 
Zoha Khan Environmental Membrane Free Desalination III
Andrew Kim Earth/Space Turning the Red Planet Green
Mason Machicek Plant Science (Botany) Natural Anti-Fungal Agents
Sithija Manage Mathematics ALDH Expression Correlation to Cancer Survival Rates
Sreshta Margan Medicine/Health No more Needles!
Fernando Montes Mathematics Dynamic Models in Adaptive Markets
Kyle Mrosko Chemistry Effects of Electrolysis on Rust Removal
Nandika Nair Life Science The Miracle Pill: Part II
Hudson Nash Environmental Microbial Fuel Cells for Environmental Monitoring 
Mitchell Novak Earth/Space Making the Most of Mars Soil
Harrison Potter Engineering Kinetic Phone Charger
Cody Pursifull Medicine/Health The Organic Milk Bilk
Andrea Santa Cruz Biochemistry/Microbiology Effects of Sargassum on Beach Bacteria
Ruth Simpson Animal Science (Zoology) Combating Pathogenic AIS
Margaret Steiner Behavorial/Social Game Theoretic Model of Genetic Discrimination II
Trevor Underwood Life Science Melatonin Machine
Zivan Vasquez Physics & Astronomy Use of Ions as an Alternative Source of Propulsion
Matthew Winningham Computer Science Hail Identification Using Image Processing
Andrew Yu Biochemistry/Microbiology Increasing Cutinase Activity
Cindy Yu Plant Science (Botany) Creation of an Innocuous Defoliant
Annie Zhang Physical Science Desalination Using Mediator-Less Microbial Fuel Cells

CB&I Junior High Science Fair First through Third Place Winners

Nyah Ahmad Biochemistry/Microbiology Got my "Ion" Bacterial Mortality
Brendan Alam Mathematics Risky Business:  An Analysis of an EFT Strategy
Jared Ali Environmental Effect of Earthworms on Organic Matter
Geneva Allison Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health A New Treatment for Phantom Sensations
Santiago Alvarez Energy and Transportation Maglevs vs. Cars
Stephanie Amrein Behavioral/Social Sensitivity and Hand Dominance
Olivia Anderson Engineering/Computers/Math A Better Bacterial Battery II
Eesa Ansari Biochemistry/Microbiology The Siege of Coli
Rithvik Asani Physics & Astronomy Magic with Electromagnets
Maya Baldauf Medicine/Health Running vs. Brain Power
Lorren Banker Botany/Environmental/Zoology From Biomass to Renewable Gas 
Robert Bass Behavioral/Social Face - Voice Recognition
Sean Beck Biochemistry/Microbiology A Spicey Bacterial Investigation
Philip Becker Engineering Turning Negative Energy into a Positive
Christian Benson Behavioral/Social Using Computers to Improve Autism Learning
Keerthi Bhoda Environmental Go Organic While Being Hygenic
Adrianna Blubin Chemistry Are All Sugars the Same?
Hayden Bonds Plant Science (Botany) Fish, Fungus, and Fertilizer
Jacob Bonnette Engineering/Computers/Math Rocket Aerodynamics 
Michela Bracci Earth/Space SOS Save Our Shores
Carson Brian Animal Science (Zoology) Intelligent Ants
Camille Brooks Physics & Astronomy Effect of Insulation Material on Sound and Noise Reduction
Jonah Bufton Energy and Transportation Factors that Affect Conductivity
Anna Buie Environmental Water Those?
Ronin Burke Energy and Transportation Which roof is the best?
Brian Burr Environmental How Does CO2 Affect Global Temperatures
Gabriel Bustos Physics & Astronomy Ridiculous Reverb
Madie Byrd Behavioral/Social How Colors Affect the Human Mind
Margot Campbell Botany/Environmental/Zoology Let It Grow
Chloe Castro Earth/Space Soil Liquefaction
David Castro Medicine/Health Black the New White for Teeth II
Esha Chakraborti Medicine/Health The Risks of Plastics
Alex Chamberlain Energy and Transportation Most Dangerous Thing in Your Pocket?
Chris Chamberlain Computer Science WiFi on Steroids
Zara Chapman Plant Science (Botany) Effect of Grey water on Plants
Kit Childers Biochemistry/Microbiology Can Color Clean It? 
Valentina Chimienti Plant Science (Botany) Prevention of Soil Erosion by Planting
Prerit Choudhary Engineering Squid Jet
Abhishek Choudhury Biochemistry/Microbiology Microbial Battery Efficiency
Melissa Chow Physical Science Worse Than An Earthquake
Jimmy Chui Botany/Environmental/Zoology The End of Nitrate in Water
Tyler Clough Medicine/Health Does That Food Really Digest?
Carla Cobos Behavioral/Social Bilinguals vs. Monolinguals
Hannah Coleman Behavioral/Social Sweet Expectations
Marta Collantes Medicine/Health Blood Type with Taste Genes
Hannah Copland Botany/Environmental/Zoology Let It Grow
Evan Cordaway Earth/Space Tornado Demonstration
Ellen Crawford Physics & Astronomy Shooting for the Stars
Harry Crocker Physics & Astronomy Heat Absorptionfrom Light
Paige Cromely Engineering/Computers/Math Encrypting the Future
Duncan Cutler Physics & Astronomy Blood Splatter Sleuthing
Alice Dang Chemistry Piro Paint
Julia Daniels Animal Science (Zoology) Sweetener Preferences of Harvester Ants
Shourav Dasari Mathematics Predicting Stocks:Technical & Fundamental Analyses
Luca DelaGuardia Medicine/Health Getting Off the Glucose Roller Coaster
Jules Devine Physics & Astronomy Finding the Perfect Rotation
Davie Dickinson Chemistry The Effects of Temperature on Paint
Angela Diep Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health Can You Handle the Pressure?
Jeannette Dimpel Chemistry The Purity of Pure Water
Ross Dixon Behavioral/Social Night Lights
Mackenzie Donald Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health Try Not to Blush!
Steven Drabbant Engineering Ohm's Law
Luka Drasko Physics & Astronomy PSI of a Soccer Ball Affect Performance?
Caitlin Dulay Behavioral/Social Spilling the Beans on Colorful Persoanalities!
Mary Dunbar Engineering Building a Better Blade
Sydney Dwyer Behavioral/Social What are You Afraid of?
Ellyse Emenheiser Plant Science (Botany) Supplementing Plants
Mike Ermis Biochemistry/Microbiology Iron Eating Bacteria!
Sarah Evans Environmental Greener on the Other Side?
Grace Farrell Medicine/Health No Dairy, No Problem
Cotton Fields Behavioral/Social Boys vs. Girls, Eyes vs. Ears
Sydney Flake Animal Science (Zoology) Blowing the Band Away
Ellena Flaskamp Behavioral/Social Vase or Face?
Olivia Fleming Physics & Astronomy Straight to the Point
Carlos Flores Environmental The Powerful Water Drop
Claire Folwell Behavioral/Social Most annoying sound ever?
Clementina Franceschi Biochemistry/Microbiology How's It Cooking:  Sugar Substitutes
Elizabeth Francis Plant Science (Botany) Effect of Pesticides & Fungicides on Plants
Abby Frederickson Behavioral/Social Sensory Distractions Effect on Short-term Memory
Sabrina Frusco Physical Science Worse Than An Earthquake
Niyanshi Gaddam Plant Science (Botany) Hydroponics vs. Soil Growth
Monica Gaffney Medicine/Health Electromagnetic Impulses on Vagal Nerve Stimulation
Goria Garcia Animal Science (Zoology) Pheromone Ants
Madison Garriss Plant Science (Botany) Mustard for Pest Control
Cade Gaskill Biochemistry/Microbiology Terminate the Locker Room Staph
Awanee Gaspar Behavioral/Social Do Concentration and Multitasking Abilities Vary by Age?
Mimi Guthrey Physics & Astronomy Don't "Tap" Out
Garrett Hallbauer Physics & Astronomy Stuck on You
Makenna Hayman Plant Science (Botany) Suck It Up And Grow!
Dylan Hazen Medicine/Health Best Helmet Protection
Andrew He Behavioral/Social Does Being Bilingual Affect Reading Rate?
Derek He Energy and Transportation Ethanol Creation – One at a Time
Adelaide Herman Engineering The friciton of Textiles
Logan Hicks Chemistry Historical vs. Modern Waterproofing
Emma Hilborn Environmental Made in the Shade
Matt Hilborn Medicine/Health Active Versus Passive
Uyen Ho Behavioral/Social Dialing While Driving
Elena Hosseinmardi Physics & Astronomy Magic Magnets
Sophie Hulett Engineering/Computers/Math A Better Bacterial Battery II
Wynter Japp Plant Science (Botany) Leaching: Salinity's Effect On Crop Production
Ashlee Jarvis Environmental Earth as a Filter
Kabir Jolly Computer Science Easy as P.I.E. (Programming in English)
Andrew Jones Energy and Transportation Wave Power
Chloe Jones Behavioral/Social Impact of Aroma on Learning Efficiency
Alexander Kang Medicine/Health How Different Antacids Affect Stomach Acid
Mallory Kent Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health How Teeth Work (Out) 
Elena Khan Chemistry Wiping Out VOCs
Nabeeha Khan Environmental Decanoic Desalination
Manal Khattak Animal Science (Zoology) DEET vs. Daphnia
Bailey Kimball Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health How Teeth Work (Out) 
Adrian Klein Behavioral/Social Does Noise Level Affect Reaction Time?
Arwa Kolsawala Chemistry The Human Coat
Chase Kontranowski Physics & Astronomy A Spraying Sprayfoam
Mateusz Kozlowski Chemistry Biodiesel Production with Household Materials
Katie Lalime Animal Science (Zoology) Do Bees Buzz for Certain Flowers?
Andrew Le Energy and Transportation The Air Factor
Jamie Lee Engineering Oh, You're Going Down, Natural Frequency!
Kate Lee Botany/Environmental/Zoology From Biomass to Renewable Gas 
Angelina Lenz Chemistry PVA protection
Kindy Li Chemistry A Master of Oil & Water Miscibility
Sammy Lo Medicine/Health Happy Pen, Happy Hand
Melannie Lopez Animal Science (Zoology) GMO? GM-NO MORE
Lance Lozada Physics & Astronomy What a Drag
Kathryn MacMillan Behavioral/Social Remembering With Color
Andrew Mahler Energy and Transportation Parabolic Curve, Pyramid or Nothing, Oh My
Lizzie Marlow Plant Science (Botany) Go Fish
Gonzalo Marquez Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health Try Not to Blush!
Akhil Marupudi Medicine/Health Lifestyle Changes for Better Blood Pressure
Zachary Mathews Environmental Water Purification and UV Light
Delaney May Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health A New Treatment for Phantom Sensations
Will McGinley Chemistry Effect of Temperature on Corrosion
Connor McLean Behavioral/Social The Sound of Shapes
Hayden Meng Physics & Astronomy Magnets of Speed!
Hannah-Jane Miller Physics & Astronomy Strings Attached
Aishwarya Mitra Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health Hunting for DNA
Apsara Mitra Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health Hunting for DNA
Morgan Moffitt Chemistry Concrete Strength
Sascha Mohan Medicine/Health Food:  Healthy vs. Junk
Shyla Mohan Environmental What is in Our Water? 
Lia Moses Medicine/Health Solubility of Calcium Pills
Kirstine Munkholm Earth/Space Ambiant Air and Pool Temperature
Vishnu Murthy Chemistry Power the (Dark) Planet
Aishwarya Nair Environmental Effects of Fertilizer on Aquatic Plants
Avery Nakahara Engineering/Computers/Math Encrypting the Future
Kiley Neeley Chemistry Pop, Pop, BOOM!
Andrew Nemeth Behavioral/Social Does Sleep Affect Memory?
Nathan Nguyen Engineering Factors that Affect Lenz's Law
Jack Northcott Biochemistry/Microbiology Cycling Aquariums: Internal vs. Sponge Filters
Alejandro Nunez-Bravo Chemistry Icy Hydrogen Power - How pH Affects Ice
David Oancea Medicine/Health Things to Remember
Jennifer O'Connell Environmental Effect of Runoff on Water Fleas
Hannah O'Dea Engineering Can Recycled Waste Be in Concrete?
Emily O'Hara Plant Science (Botany) Effects of Rhizobia and Nitrogen Fertilizer
Bolurin Ojofeitimi Medicine/Health Know your Knee 
Christian Pack Engineering/Computers/Math Rocket Aerodynamics
Avery Palacios Behavioral/Social Phone Phenomenon
Ian Pedroza Energy and Transportation Fueling the Future
Mahika Peri Medicine/Health Lung Capacity of Wind Instrument Players
Tanner Perry Biochemistry/Microbiology Five star filters
Caden Pfluger Plant Science (Botany) Soil & Pine Tree Growth
Kate Pittenger Medicine/Health Which Toothpaste Shines Brightest?
William Plutto Energy and Transportation Speeding Through Water
Mauricio Quezada Physics & Astronomy Starting a Race
Cam Quilici Environmental Social "Litteracy"
Cole Quitter Physics & Astronomy Does road Surface affect an RC Car?
Matthew Rahlfs Physical Science PSI of a Ball
Callaghan Ray Plant Science (Botany) Fertilizers From the Fridge
Evan Rees Energy and Transportation Fun with Fans, Fuel, and Flettner Rotors
Sigal Ris Biochemistry/Microbiology Natural vs. Synthetic Antifungal Agents
Caroline Ristroph Chemistry Is It Worth It?
Caitlyn Roberts Chemistry Damage In The Making
Jessica Ross Behavioral/Social Moving to the Music
Robert Ross-Kirov Plant Science (Botany) Combined Climate Change and Corrective Mechanisms
Carson Ruediger Physical Science PSI of a Ball
Haley Sailor Physical Science Solar Cookies
Shreya Sakiri Energy and Transportation The Earth's Finest Dirt
Katie Schlather Medicine/Health Flea Beat
Matthew Schroeder Energy and Transportation Standby Power is Charging Me How Much?
Ryan Schroeder Animal Science (Zoology) Fishing and the Moon Phases
Crystal Scott Engineering Cut the Cord
Emily Seelig Physics & Astronomy Light It Up
Kaden Serafin Plant Science (Botany) The Best Soil
Sameer Shah Energy and Transportation Comparing Wind Vs. Solar Energy
Emma Shano Behavioral/Social 8 J Non Fat vs Full Fat Foods
Allison Sharer Biochemistry/Microbiology Spice Up Your Life
Arman Sharma Earth/Space Radio Waves vs. Our Closest Star
Sofie Sharpe Plant Science (Botany) Humidity's Effect on Growth
Ammar Siddiqi Medicine/Health When are Citrus Fruits Most Acidic?
Helene Sietses Animal Science (Zoology) Promoting Brine Shrimp Hatch
Julia Skoutnev Physics & Astronomy Investigating the Motion of a Pendulum
Hannah Soltmann Behavioral/Social The Effect of Exercise on Gender Memory
Jackson Sorenson Behavioral/Social Does Practice Make Perfect?
Victoria Sturm Behavioral/Social Are We Forgetting Middle School Curriculum?
Evan Sugarbaker Chemistry To Fade or Not to Fade
Jadon Sumodobila Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health Homemade, Store Bought or Essential Oils?
Kara Sumodobila Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health Homemade, Store Bought or Essential Oils?
Natalie Sykora Plant Science (Botany) Does Temperature Affect Acidity?
Kate Tabor Plant Science (Botany) Let It Grow
Aparna Tampi Engineering 911? It's getting hot in here!
Alena Tas Behavioral / Biochem / Medicine Health Can You Handle the Pressure?
Joseph Templet Chemistry Factors Affecting Water Conductivity
Sarah Tindell Physical Science Solar Cookies
Shama Tirukkala Mathematics Mathematically Detecting Cancer
Vincent Tombari Computer Science Are You Insecure?
Celeste Trevino Earth/Space Tracking Geomagnetic Storm Activity
Patricio Trevino Plant Science (Botany) How Do Earthworms Affect Plant Grow?
Kaitlyn Trushenski Environmental Shall We Lose Our Shells?
Isabella Tyson Medicine/Health Shoe Me Your Pearly White…Eggs?
Rohan Vaidya Chemistry Vita-Juice
Joseph Valenta Environmental Is it Hot in Here? 
Owen Velkoff Plant Science (Botany) There's Nitrogen in my Seagrass!
Aaron Vieraitis Engineering Strengthening Materials with Cold Working
Rylie Voyles Environmental How Do Oysters Clean our Water?
Devon Wendle Medicine/Health Cutting Board Cleaner
Amber Wentz Behavioral/Social Can I Persuade You?
Anna Wertz Physics & Astronomy Does Size Really Matter?
Annalaine Whitson Behavioral/Social Field Sobriety Age Accuracy
Sarah Winnier Plant Science (Botany) Biochar: Planting the Seeds of Success
Edward Winstanley Medicine/Health Where's my Phone?
John Wolff Chemistry Got Rust?
Jamie Wong Energy and Transportation Total Recharge
Daniel Yamakov Engineering Building a Better City
Matthew York Botany/Environmental/Zoology The End of Nitrate in Water
Ethan Yu Behavioral/Social Wisdom of the Crowd
Sunny Yu Environmental Deleterious Chemicals on Aquatic Environment

There are still hours left to make your 2014 gift!

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Make a 2014 tax-deductible gift to support EfTA! Donate now.

How do you give back?

posted Dec 2, 2014, 10:11 AM by Monica Bomkamp Enia

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What might stop you from getting there? This fall, EfTA's Future Focus volunteers challenged more than 3,000 students with questions like these. Future Focus encourages students to take steps toward the future they envision for themselves and reinforces how education can open doors. On this #GivingTuesday how do you plan to give back?

EfTA Participates in #GivingTuesday

posted Nov 18, 2014, 1:42 PM by Monica Bomkamp Enia   [ updated Nov 18, 2014, 1:43 PM ]

Join the #unselfie movement in a national day of giving to kick off holiday season!  Get Involved in  #GivingTuesday.  

We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

It’s a simple idea. Just find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to come together to give something more. We at EfTA would love to put you or your donation to work to support kids in Montgomery County. Join us and be a part of a global celebration of a new tradition of generosity.

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