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From One Intern to Another

posted Jun 28, 2018, 11:19 AM by EFTA Office   [ updated Jun 28, 2018, 11:20 AM ]

            Hi! My name is Katie Pavlas and I’m currently interning at EfTA for 8 weeks this summer through the ExxonMobil Summer Jobs Program. During this time of the summer, EfTA is completely focused on their Student Internship Program. They have placed over 100 interns in businesses covering everything from marketing to chemical engineering and ranging everywhere from Houston to Willis. Still, Corinne and Monica make it a priority to visit with every intern. I’ve gotten a chance to go on a handful of these site visits and they have truly opened my eyes to the huge impact this program is making on students - and how much I wish I could’ve had this program when I was in high school!

On my site visits, I’ve seen some common impacts amongst the students, and those include: confirming that their current career path is exactly what they want to follow, realizing that there was a lot more to a job than they thought, or discovering an entirely new passion. For example, I’ve seen future veterinarians and doctors become even more passionate after witnessing surgeries first hand, a future engineer switch his passions from mechanical to chemical after experimenting in the lab, and a future marketing executive decide that maybe nursing was for her instead. Yet, no matter how sure the student is about his or her career path, each and every student I’ve seen gave the sense of being empowered. Empowered by the increased knowledge about what working looks like, but more importantly, who they are and who they want to become.

Looking back to the summer before my senior year of high school when I was filling out my college application, all I had to go on was what I thought my interests were, the many career quizzes I took (and still continue to take today) online, and faith that my life had a purpose, even if I didn’t know exactly what that was yet. To all the students reading, that last one is vital. Your purpose in life doesn’t start once you find your career, it has already started. Just keep learning and loving those around you, and the career will come - and it will come from experiences just like this one! The EfTA Student Internship Program gives students a real experience in the professional workforce. It is two weeks (80 hours) of discovery and growth by working for some of the most distinguished and hard working business people in Montgomery County. This unique experience is something I feel very lucky to have gotten to witness first hand and speak with the students involved. These EfTA interns are truly one of a kind and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

                   Programs Director, Corinne Coulter (left), President, Monica Bomkamp Enia (right), and I (center) at the ExxonMobil Summer Jobs Opening Ceremony.

Guest blog post by: Katie Pavlas