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2018 Currently Available Internships

2018 Student Internship Job Opportunities - Available as of April 24

Additional internship opportunities are continuously being added, students are encouraged to check back prior to submitting the application. 


202. Industry: Architecture

Location: Houston

The intern will take part in everyday activities of an architect by shadowing someone. He/she will have the opportunity to experience a project from start to finish. The intern will go on site visits, learn the industry software, and help in the office to complete certain architectural work. If the student would like to go on job site visits, he/she will be required to sign a parental consent form and acknowledge the guidelines for the visit.

Arts, AV Technology & Communications

305. Industry: Photography

Location: The Woodlands, TX

The intern will need to be flexible with erratic hours and assignments, as organization does not work a typical 8-5 job. Many shoots are on the weekends or later in the evening. The intern will assist with everything from photographing an out of town wedding to editing in Photoshop, to packaging items for clients.  The intern will also have the opportunity to assist with Camp Pixel Project ( the summer camp program that teaches children age 8-15 the art of photography and graphic design. Previous experience with photography and Photoshop is preferred, but not required.

Business Management & Administration

405. Industry: Business Finance

Location: Conroe

The intern will be exposed to the various functions of a finance department. These include Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Accounting.

Education & Training

502. Industry: Child Care

Location: Magnolia, TX

The intern will have an opportunity to experience what it is like to work in the thriving early childhood education field. He/she will work with students as young as six weeks and as old as 12 years in a preschool/summer camp atmosphere to understand the early stages of development.

504. Industry: School - Special Education

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will help with assisting staff in social programs, such as playing board games, practicing conversation skills, and overseeing group activities for special needs children. He/she will attend to staff and children’s needs during summer camp, including helping during field trips around the community. The intern will assist board certified behavioral analysts with graphing clients' progress and help with organizational tasks around the clinic. The intern must sign a confidentiality agreement, stating that he/she will not talk about clients', take pictures, or post about experiences on social media. A pretest and an exit test will be given to the intern to measure what he/she has learned throughout their internship.


Health Science

Human Services

Information Technology

Law, Public Safety

1206: Industry: Law

Location: Houston (Downtown)

The interns will be exposed to a comprehensive estate planning and business planning practice (and some civil litigation cases). He/she will have the opportunity to visit the civil courthouse to observe probate and/or civil matters. Interns will be able to sit in on any attorney-client meetings and any business development meeting on the calendar. Any intern activity performed during pendency of the internship generates potential business for Weygant Law, (such as cold calling/following up with businesses or families) will be fairly compensated. An independent contractor agreement with nondisclosure and confidentiality provisions must be signed.

Marketing, Sales & Service

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

1402. Industry: Chemical

Location: Conroe

The intern will be exposed to clerical, lab inventory, and some lab work. He/she needs to be 18 at the time of the internship and pass a drug screen and background check. He/she must be willing to work with a third party staffing agency after selected and must be able to work no less than two weeks at a maximum of 30 hours.  For the selected students, a letter of recommendation from the school and a resume with cover letter of what the student hopes to learn from this experience is required prior to the internship start date.