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Student Internship Program

Each summer, EfTA’s Student Internship Program (SIP) offers bright, motivated rising high school seniors hands-on learning opportunities in their desired career fields. SIP internships are designed to provide valuable work experiences for students  who are just starting to explore career options. The program offers a first step toward furthering their education and figuring out what direction students want to take in life. In addition, the process of applying offers insights to the job search and introduces students to the value of networking and developing transferable skills that can eventually be included in a resume. Education for Tomorrow Alliance partners with about 60 dedicated employers each year to offer each student 80 hours of professional experience that has the potential to shape their career paths. EfTA seeks to give students hands on experiences that help enrich and support leaders of tomorrow.  

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Each intern employer agrees to provide a meaningful, quality opportunity for their interns to learn as much as possible about a career field.  Depending on the nature of the work, some positions will be more hands on than others; job shadowing is okay.  In some cases, an intern will follow the direction of one employee for the full two weeks, and in others, students have to opportunity to rotate among departments.  Employers decide what makes the most sense with their company. Intern hosts are welcome to take more than one student. The internships are structured as unpaid work experience, but some companies choose to pay.  Some companies also opt to hire the students after the internships are complete, but that is the decision of the employer and not an expectation of EfTA.  

High School Campus Coordinators:

Academy of Science & Technology at The Woodlands College Park High School: Ms. Lyubov Merritt
Academy of Science and Health Professions at Conroe High School: Dr. Terri Benson
Caney Creek High School: Ms. Diane Hernandez
Conroe High School: Ms. Stacy Brown
Fusion Academy: Ms. Jordyn Nail
The John Cooper School: Mr. Arturo Carrillo 
iSchool High: Mr. Luis Pratts
Lake Creek High School - Ms. Stacy LaBruyere
Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy: Ms. Susan Rush
Magnolia High School: Ms. Delena Herzog
Magnolia West High School: Ms. Lisa Kennedy
Montgomery High School - Ms. Stacy LaBruyere
Oak Ridge High School: Ms. Molly Gibson
Willis High School: Ms. Tricia Neumann
The Woodlands Christian Academy: Mrs. Amy Rowe
The Woodlands College Park High School: Ms. Debra Creel
The Woodlands High School: Mrs. Jenny Davies

Applicants must sign up to volunteer at the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas on April 27.

Please note: students applying to the Student Internship Program must register for a Run Special Needs, Sunscreen, or Timing shift to fulfill the volunteer requirement of the application.  Sign up in other IRONMAN volunteer areas does not qualify.

For questions about the EfTA Student Internship Program please contact Corinne Coulter, EfTA Program Director at 936.271.6153 or

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Thank you to our Student Internship Program host companies and school partners!