2017 Student Internship Job Opportunities

Additional internship opportunities are continuously being added, students are encouraged to check back prior to submitting the application. 


201. Industry: Architecture & Engineering

Location: Houston (Greenway Plaza)

Interns will learn what an Architect and an MEP Engineer does on a regular basis.  They will be taken on job-site meetings as well as get a crash course on the software that we use to develop drawings.The intern will gain experience in Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering along with Civil Engineering and Construction services.

202. Industry: Engineering

Location: Houston (Woodlands)

Internship program aims to help students engage in career development by allowing them to problem solve real-world scenarios. Through various projects, they will learn first-hand how to maximize their knowledge and make informed decisions. Undergraduate, graduate, and high school students will build on:

- quality experiential learning in a real-world work environment,
-the importance of communication and the ability to work with a team, and
-receiving support and guidance from a mentor.

Arts, AV Technology & Communications

301. Industry: Radio

Location: Conroe

Interns will learn the entire process of how a radio station works. Producing/recording/writing/live


302. Industry: Radio

Location: Magnolia

The intern will experience various aspects of a community-based radio station. The intern's duties will consist of data entry, networking, assisting with festivals/events and more.

303. Industry: Public Relations

Location: Conroe

Interns will experience the day-to-day operations of Communications including writing press releases, photographing events, updating websites, networking with the community and creating presentations.

304. Industry: Online News

Location: Magnolia

Interns will cover community events/meetings, write articles as assigned by the editor, and capture photography and/or video shooting as needed.

Business Management & Administration

401. Industry: Consulting

Location: Magnolia

Interns will experience an office environment, filing and record keeping. Interns will assist in making applications to state and federal government agencies for U.S. EPA and state pesticide registration applications. The intern may get involved in international applications to register pesticide products. Students will see what an office environment is like and what consulting for industry to obtain government approvals involves. Communication with clients. Sales calls also may be fielded. Intern will gain experience with regulations of agricultural product both federal and state. The intern will assist with filing and administrative activities and should be familiar with Microsoft Office.

403. Industry: Nonprofit

Location: Woodlands

Interns will work at a distribution center for food that is received and distributed to the food insecure of Montgomery County. The intern will experience working in areas of inventory management, sorting, client relations, and partner agencies.  The intern will also work in the Produce Rescue Center where they learn more about management of produce.

Office/Administration: Assist with the front office, administrative and receptionist duties, including answering phones, filing information, greeting visitors, signing in volunteers.

Inventory Management: Assist inventory with receiving products, checking weights of products, entering product received and filing purchase orders and donor receipts.

Development: Researching information, updating Facebook and Social Media postings, pulling statistical information and typing letters.

404. Industry: Law & Legal Services

Location: Woodlands

Intern will learn how to interact in an office environment, communicate with clients in effort to improve their phone skills, good organizational techniques (maintaining legal files, keeping a clean desk, keeping the attorney's organized), attend court hearings if any are calendared during student's internship, sit as a witness and execute client estate planning documents and assist with legal marketing material.

405. Industry: Hotel Management/Hospitality

Location: Woodlands

The intern will learn the dynamics of hotel management and hospitality while learning customer services skills needed to successfully work as a front desk receptionist, help guests check in and check out. The Intern will assist in making reservations and learn other management tasks.

406. Industry: Office Administration Sports

Location: Woodlands

The intern will handle day to day administrative responsibilities: Filing, shredding, sorting (documents & uniforms), answering phones, and taking messages.

Education & Training

501. Industry: Preschool

Location: The Woodlands

Interns must be able to participate in all aspects of a Preschool setting. Interns will have exposure to Preschool programming providing experience in educating young children. Interns will help teachers with art, story time, and interact with children of various ages. Interns will receive hands-on experience in the classroom interacting with children. Interns may also join the chef for experience in preparing and serving meals in a school setting. Interns must be willing and able to run and play with children, as well as help with any projects that the teachers have planned.

502. Industry: Early Childhood

Location: The Woodlands

Interns will assist with curriculum development, sample construction and small group instruction for our summer workshops which service children ages 4-10. Workshop topics include science, robotics, art, theater, imaginative play, and culture. Interns will help in classrooms as assistants during various workshops.

504. Industry: School

Location: The Woodlands

Interns will work with behavior therapists and assistant with administrative task related to health insurance and support in therapy rooms. The intern will work alongside trained behavior therapists modeling and promoting positive behavior. Primarily working with children between the ages of 2-6 with autism and ADHD. Also helping with summer camps for children, teens with autism and social issues.

505. Industry: Education

Location: The Woodlands

Interns at Science Camp learn to work with young children to teach them about science. Whether it is scheduling with teachers for small groups of 20 or in front of a larger group of 60. Interns assist in developing curriculum and present engaging lessons about various subjects in science to the children. Interns will also help the lead teachers in their classrooms taking camp photos, helping in the workroom, working with the Science Camp animals, and much more.


701. Industry: Fire Department

Location: Conroe

Interns will have exposure to all facets of fire department operations to include fire inspection, fire investigation, code enforcement, administration, and operations. The intern may have an opportunity to work with the Fire Marshal on inspections, permit review, and daily assignments.  Interns will spend time with Administrative staff to learn budget procedures and daily assignments. Interns will also spend time with the responding units to learn the day in the life of a firefighter and learn Local Government/ Fire Service Career Objectives.

702. Industry: City Government

Location: Willis

The intern will have hands-on experience with the day-to-day functions of city government. This experience will be within multiple departments and involve various tasks. The intern may patrol with the Police Department, observe utility receivables, learn about public infrastructure, observe building inspections, code enforcement, and municipal administration.

Health Science

801. Industry: Hospital

Location: Conroe

The interns will rotate through various departments in the hospital to acquire a comprehensive look at hospital operations and the various careers available in the hospital.

801M. Industry: Hospital

Location: The Woodlands

The interns will rotate through various departments in the hospital to acquire a comprehensive look at hospital operations and the various careers available in the hospital.

802. Industry: Chiropractic

Location: Spring

Interns will learn about the chiropractic profession and the inner workings of a small private office.  They will have hands-on experience with certain aspects of patient care, scheduling patients, insurance verification, etc.  

803. Industry: Medical

Location: The Woodlands

Will shadow pediatricians, MA's, office manager at a private pediatric clinic

803D. Industry: Pediatric Dentistry

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will shadow the dentist and work with the dental assistant in preventative dental care, routine dental care, emergency dental treatment, sedation, and possible laser dentistry.

804. Industry: Chiropractic

Location: Spring

Interns will experience a professional clinic setting with heavy patient interaction. The intern will shadow the doctor in the treatment and exam rooms and will be included in assisting the doctor with therapies for patients. The intern will also experience the back office and clerical duties. There will be some training with electronic health records, insurance billing, and patient charts.

805. Industry: Veterinary

Location: Magnolia

Interns will observe surgery and dental procedures on dogs and/or cats.  Interns will learn holding techniques of pets,  how to properly clean kennels, proper techniques for cleaning the hospital. Interns will also observe blood draws, catheter placements, and lab procedures.

Human Services

1001.  Industry: Social Services

Location: The Conroe

The intern will experience working in many different areas. The intern opportunities will consist of assisting young campers with snacks, water, and possibly first aid assistance. The intern will provide child care activities for campers while moms are working or attending school. The intern will work in the finance department and provide administrative assistance with filing, printing, and sorting.

1001FS.  Industry: Social Services

Location: The Conroe

The Intern will work closely with the Program Director and experience clients are advised on education and employment opportunities. The intern's responsibilities will include administrative (Word; Excel; Powerpoint) and research on social issues and solutions. The intern may occasionally work with clients.

1002A.  Industry: Social Services

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will be mentored by the Programs and Services Team members while providing assistance with a diverse variety of tasks and projects focusing on nonprofit social services. Areas of internship focus are gaining professional growth and work experience including, technical skills, communication skills, social service program evaluation and management, and having an opportunity to gain first-hand experience by job shadowing client assistance appointments.

1002B.  Industry: Social Services

Location: The Woodlands

The marketing/PR intern will be mentored by Communications and Publications team and will gain experience in marketing and public relation trends in the nonprofit sector. The intern will also experience the publication cycle of a Community and Business Directory and other publications.

1003. Industry: Social Services

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will receive a deeper look into internal operations of nonprofit organizations, specifically the resource development side...how to raise money.  The summer is our preparation season so analyzing data, researching prospects, developing marketing materials, possibly programs, and award delivery, and photo opportunities.

The intern will gain experience: Networking via attending Business After hour or breakfast events.  Real world office settings and interaction with clients and residents at the agency Youth Shelter.  The intern will attend marketing strategy meetings and learn about client database tracking.
The intern’s responsibilities will assist the development department with social media marketing, special events management, client database entry and volunteer engagement.

Information Technology

Information Technology

1101. Industry: Computer Science

Location: Woodlands

Through various projects, the intern will learn first-hand how to maximize their knowledge and make informed decisions. Undergraduate, graduate, and high school students will build on:

-quality experiential learning through a work environment

-the importance of communication and the ability to work within a   team

-receiving support and guidance from a mentor

1103. Industry: Computer Science

Location: Conroe

Overview of plant and network engineering

Law, Public Safety

1202. Industry: Law

Location: Houston

Small boutique estate and business planning law firm which offers a unique and fun atmosphere.  Interns will be exposed to many aspects of the law practice including; client casework, business developing, accounting/bookkeeping, client meetings, sales, marketing, public relations, court appearances, and networking.

Marketing, Sales & Service

1301. Industry: Performing Arts

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will learn about event planning and management, fundraising, and graphic design.

1302. Industry: Energy/Chemical

Location: The Woodlands

Intern will support the global Oil Services marketing function, including; trade show support, data entry, document conversion, advertising, literature composition, and social media; with some market analysis.

1303. Industry: Business

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will assist with the marketing/communications, special events, membership events and learn about the business side of a membership organization.

1304. Industry: Marketing

Location: The Woodlands

Interns will work on a variety of tasks such as writing press releases, writing articles for newsletters, marketing research, membership development, social media promotion and research, attending meetings and events, help plan special events, graphic design and layout and website updates. Candidate should demonstrate good communication skills and organizational skills and ability to multi-task.

1306. Industry: Marketing

Location: The Woodlands

Social media marketing, ads, events, special projects within the Economic & Business Development sector. Training & education on the following:
- Businesses in The Woodlands & surrounding areas - recruitment & retention- Job Growth & Capital investments impact on a community- Social Media Marketing- Event Planning- Office & Administrative skills - use of Outlook, excel, PowerPoint, office calendar, scanning, filing, etc.- Attend meetings & retention visits with various staff- Assist with research projects as needed
- Survey building tenants

1307. Industry: Marketing

Location: Conroe

The intern will work with our marketing coordinator, on the implementation of our branding program that will be unveiled this summer.  This may include work on advertising placement, website design, follow up on trade show leads, etc.

1308. Industry: Telecommunications Marketing

Location: Conroe

The intern will be introduced to the telecommunications industry as filtered through the lens of human resources, marketing, product management, finance and legal affairs.

1309. Industry: Marketing

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will work the marketing department to locate and identify media articles and events that the organization has participated in since 1977. The intern will assist with selecting relevant articles and photos that show various aspects of the organization's  history to create galleries and a visual timeline for display in the lobby and on the Facebook page on Throwback Thursdays.


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

1401. Industry: Energy

Location: The Woodlands

The interns will get an overview from the different teams within our Chemicals group, along with some job assignments. They will also spend one day at our lab, shadowing the staff, and take a one day field trip to our Lake Charles, Louisiana plant.

1402. Industry: Chemicals

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will work in the lab to measure surface properties and performance of surfactants in household cleaning and personal care.

1402H. Industry: Chemicals

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will have the opportunity to work with the chemists of analytical and physical testing groups and expose to variety of analytical techniques such as liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, atomic absorbance metal test, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, infra-red spectroscopy et ct.

1404. Industry: Civil Engineering

Location: Houston

The intern will have exposure to the municipal industry of civil engineering. The intern will see the "typical" day in the life of a civil engineer working as a private consultant. Projects types we design are water, wastewater, land development, roadway and trails/parks. The intern will have the opportunity to ride along with our field inspection group to see design projects under construction.

.1406. Industry: Chemicals

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will aid in the simple testing of products for the metalworking fluid market as well as be introduced to biological and chemical laboratory techniques. The intern will also be shown what life within an industrial laboratory is like and will be given the opportunity to observe the different functions within the company if time permits.

1408. Industry: Environmental

Location: The Woodlands

Opportunity for interns to assist the Mosquito Surveillance Technician in conducting mosquito surveillance operations for disease carrying and nuisance mosquitoes in both field and laboratory settings.  
Duties: •   Prepares surveillance equipment/supplies •  Assists in mosquito trapping and collection of mosquito samples•  Sorts, identifies, and prepares mosquito specimens for pooling and shipment to appropriate testing  
•  Conducts premise surveys and source reduction measures•  Provides education to residents on Township surveillance activities, personal protection measures   
  and source reduction measures
•  Additional duties to help the Environmental Services department in conducting environmental   
  education and events.
Please note that due to the nature of the position, interns will require 3 weeks to complete the required 80 hours.

1409. Industry: Structural Engineering

Location: Houston

Intern will gain insight into the day to day operations of project management, structural design and site inspections. The intern will have exposure to professionals with expertise that encompasses high-rise, low-rise, high-bay and long-span facilities; steel, concrete and wood structures.

1410. Industry: Construction Management

Location: Houston/Conroe

The intern will gain experience in Construction Project Management. The intern will work with the Project Manager on Project management functions, project meetings, change orders, plan review, project schedules.Assist the project manager at the jobsite with paperwork (RFI's, Submittals, Daily Reports, Meeting Notes).