2019 Currently Available Student Internship Opportunities

Below you will find the internship job descriptions that are currently still available or have been added since April 3 for the 2019 summer Student Internship Program. 

Please note that we will continue to add internship positions through April and May in order to get as many students placed as we can.


Arts, AV Technology & Communications

305. Industry: Real Estate - new as of 5.17

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will have the opportunity to be exposed to many different areas that help make up a successful real estate office including but not limited to Customer Service, Marketing, Creative Writing, Video Production. A confidently form will need to be signed due to customer information.

Business Management & Administration

408. Industry: Business Non-profit

Location: Magnolia, TX

The intern will work with the founder and leader of a startup nonprofit.  His/her responsibilities will include assisting with a social media strategy, research and planning for and assisting with programs that inspire kids in grades K-8 through fitness and community service. The intern will have to go through a basic state background and fingerprinting check before starting internship. Work Dates: Any week except July 8-12.

416: Industry: Insurance - new as of 5.22.2019

Location: Montgomery, TX

The intern will be exposed to what it takes to be a business owner and entrepreneur.  If he/she like the television show "Shark Tank" then he/she will like learning from our team.  We will teach about the consultative sales process, customer experience and our role in protecting clients financial exposure. The intern will be required to sign a client private and confidentiality agreement because we are in financial services and don't want to share date of birth, social security etc. Required work dates: July 8 - 19.

Education & Training

506. Industry: Special Education

Location: Spring, TX

The intern will work with and support the education and environment of clients with special needs. He/she will be required to fill out a volunteer contact form before they begin their internship.

508. Industry: STEM  Education

Location: Spring, TX

The intern will be exposed and have the opportunity assist teachers in our robotics academy for advanced students K-12. He/she must fill out an application and confidentiality agreement.

509. Industry: Art Education

Location: The Woodlands, TX

The intern will have the opportunity to assist with the education program through the summer children art classes.


704: Industry: County Finance - new as of 5.9.2019

Location: Conroe, TX

The intern will have the opportunity to be exposed to the daily inner workings of county finances with the exception of payroll. Required Work dates: June 17 - 30

                                                                                    Health Science

Human Services

1005. Industry: Social Services

Location: Conroe, TX

The intern will work in small or large groups with adults who are Intellectually and Developmentally Challenged in the day hab day program of Bridgewood Farms. He/she will also work as needed one-to-one on an individual goal pertaining to specific program client is enrolled in, such as Adult Continuing Education; Ceramics; Health/PE; Horticulture and Pre-Vocational Training.. The following checks will be applicable:  background check; confidentiality statement; volunteer data form; volunteer application.

1007: Industry: Social Service

Location: Conroe, TX

The intern will have the opportunity to be exposed and Trained in resaleP furniture, Customer Service, Cleaning, Point of Sales System & Work Skills on timeliness. A parental consent and volunteer form must be filled out.

1008: Industry: Social Services

Location: Conroe TX

The intern would get a chance to be  involved with our Breakfast Bag program and aniMeals programs and helping us to work with other volunteers. They will get an opportunity to ride along on a route for meal delivery to our clients.  They will have a kitchen tour and learn about our infrastructure and our clients needs. He/she must complete a required form for parental consent. Required work dates: June 10 - 21

Information Technology

Law, Public Safety

Marketing, Sales & Service

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics