2019 Currently Available Student Internship Opportunities

Below you will find the internship job descriptions that are currently still available or have been added since April 3 for the 2019 summer Student Internship Program. 

Please note that we will continue to add internship positions through April and May in order to get as many students placed as we can.


202. Industry: Architecture

Location: Houston

The intern will take part in everyday activities of an architect by shadowing someone. He/she will have the opportunity to experience a project from start to finish. The intern will go on site visits, learn the industry software, and help in the office to complete certain architectural work. If the student would like to go on job site visits, he/she will be required to sign a parental consent form and acknowledge the guidelines for the visit.

Arts, AV Technology & Communications

304. Industry: Energy

Location: The Woodlands, TX

We look forward to offering an internship opportunity around creative marketing in the energy sector. The intern will have the opportunity to shadow various positions around marketing and have ownership of a special project with photography. Additional opportunities include interviewing employees, creative writing, event planning, promotional items and more. No special skills required.Background check, drug test and confidentiality agreement required. Work week: 15 - 20 hours preferred.

Business Management & Administration

401. Industry: Nonprofit Location: Conroe

The intern will assist the membership, special events, marketing, and finance departments at a membership-based nonprofit. Interns work on a variety of tasks, such as writing press releases and newsletter articles, attending meetings and events, helping plan special events, conducting market research, cultivating membership, planning social media promotion and research, preparing publications for print, and maintaining website information. Candidates should demonstrate good communication and organizational skills and the ability to multitask. Ideally, the intern will be someone looking to earn a degree in business, marketing, finance, communications, or public relations, etc.

408. Industry: Business Non-profit

Location: Magnolia, TX

The intern will work with the founder and leader of a startup nonprofit.  His/her responsibilities will include assisting with a social media strategy, research and planning for and assisting with programs that inspire kids in grades K-8 through fitness and community service. The intern will have to go through a basic state background and fingerprinting check before starting internship. Work Dates: Any week except July 8-12.

409. Industry: Business

Location: Spring, TX

The intern will assist the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist by proving Medical Nutrition Therapy to patients. Represent the company in a professional manner in the community (i.e. Doctor offices and in interaction with patients) Create company communications and advertisements as directed by the Dietitian. Nutrition screenings including Dynamometer, Body Scan, Metabolism Assessment, Waist Circumference, weight, height. Write into patient’s charts – needs to be HIPAA compliant. Assist in developing protocols and services. Conduct research projects. Implementing programs by USDA and CDC regulations, ADA, & Academy. Assist in production of research publication

411. Industry: Non-Profit

Location: Conroe, TX

The intern will have an opportunity to learn the internal workings of a community based non-profit. The focus will be our four core areas of operation: administration, construction, family services, and retail. To learn more about the organization, the intern will be provided an opportunity to work with staff leadership to learn other divisions of the organizations operations. The primary assignment will be to assist the ReStore with sorting and organizing valuable donor information.  The two-week project will ensure that the intern has a rewarding experience in the operations of a nonprofit organization. Orientation will be held on the first day of internship at the Affiliate office. Participants will be required to complete and sign a liability waiver and confidentiality agreement. Work dates: Tuesday - Saturday.

412: Industry: Non-Profit

Location: Magnolia, TX

The intern will have the opportunity to assist the Executive Director of a local non-profit. He/she will provide backup support for the overall strategic and operational responsibility for SOS staff, volunteers, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission including, but not limited to, Client Services, Food Pantry, Giving Center, SOS Resale Shop, and any future SOS services to be provided to the greater Magnolia community as an on-going basis. A volunteer and release form will need to be signed. Required work dates: June 10 - 20

413. Industry: Bookkeeping

Location: The Woodlands, TX

The intern will have the opportunity to be exposed to the inner workings of a bookkeeping office. He/she will be exposed to basic office assistant and management. Required Work Dates: June 17 - 28 (9:00 am - 3:00 pm)

Education & Training

502. Industry: Preschool

Location: Oak Ridge

The intern will work with a lead teacher on classroom activities, including but not limited to helping with lessons (art, language arts, math, fine motor skills) and providing positive interactions with children. The intern will be required to pass a state background check and a fingerprinting check.

503. Industry: Special Education

Location: Oak Ridge

Gain experience in an early childhood center providing medical and evidenced based services for children 12 months to 7 years of age with a diagnosis of Autism, through the application of Applied Behavior Analysis.  He/she will be required to follow all HIPPA rules, pass a state Background Check Training and have a Successful completion of basic competencies in Autism and  Applied Behavior Analysis

505. Industry: Education

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will perform many different jobs and have a myriad of responsibilities. Some include teaching young children about science and leading experiments, helping the lead teachers in their classrooms, managing the animal photos to raise funds for scholarships, overseeing the workroom volunteers, helping Science camp speakers, working with children who need some time to calm down, helping in any way that a teacher needs assistance in teaching the curriculum, overseeing Jr. Volunteers, helping show animals to the children, and more. We work with our interns to develop the best experience for them based on their interests and talents. The dates for this internship are during camp weeks, June 17 - July 13.

507. Industry: Education

Location: The Woodlands, TX

The intern will assist in supervising children in an educational play space that promotes discovery and wonder to promote each student’s inner artist, scientist, or superhero. The intern will support teachers in their workshop classrooms, and help make sure that the appearance, cleanliness and safety of the classroom is maintained.

508. Industry: STEM  Education

Location: Spring, TX

The intern will be exposed and have the opportunity assist teachers in our robotics academy for advanced students K-12. He/she must fill out an application and confidentiality agreement.

509. Industry: Art Education

Location: The Woodlands, TX

The intern will have the opportunity to assist with the education program through the summer children art classes.


703: Industry: Government  

Locations: Conroe, TX

The intern will aid our office by creating commendations for constituents of the 8th district, aid staff with briefing papers for Congressman office, along with updating data. Other responsibilities include; answering calls from constituents, creating call logs, greeting visitors who come into our office, collecting and sending mail, and also opportunities to aid in casework.

We take pride in our hardest working interns and award the best of the best by allowing interns to accompany our Congressman on District days. Dress code: Business casual/Business professional. Business professional: During district days when Congressman Brady is in the district. A Confidentiality Agreement, Computer and Internet use Agreement must be completed as well as a Resume that must be completed on Microsoft Word Document.

Health Science

809. Industry: Chiropractic

Location: Spring, TX

The intern will learn the aspects of holistic care while interacting with patients, helping with treatments, taking patient history, and vitals. He/she will also learn the business aspect by helping with scheduling and taking phone calls. The intern will be required to follow all HIPAA regulations and fill out a confidentiality agreement.

813: Industry: Veterinary Medicine

Location: Conroe, TX

Intern will get the see the inner workings of an office and shadow a doctor in surgery, rooms, getting samples (blood, urine, fecal).

818: Industry: Long Term Healthcare

Location: Willis, TX

The intern will shadow visiting nurses, social workers, and chaplains. The intern will learn about long term care and how to assist senior citizens with daily activities. The intern will learn about medication administration and how to handle memory-impaired individuals. A confidentiality agreement must be signed. Work dates: last two weeks of June.

819: Industry: Veterinary Care

Location: Magnolia, TX

The intern will have the opportunity to work with the kennel staff.  This will include cleaning out kennels, walking dogs, bathing dogs, cleaning cat kennels, cleaning litter boxes, laundry, cleaning rooms, mopping & vacuuming, sweeping, pick up. He/she will need to sign a Volunteer Consent Form since they will be working with animal & there is always a possibility of getting scratched or bit. We try to avoid that & if know that an animal is aggressive or scared, we would not have the students working with these babies.

820: Industry: Urgent Care

Location: Conroe, TX

The intern will have the opportunity to be exposed to basic office operations, customer service, basic medical operations, minor emergency services. He/she will need to sign a confidentiality agreement, and provide basic demographic and emergency contact information.

821. Industry: Dentist

Location: Conroe, TX

The intern will have the opportunity to be exposed to a dental practice. He/she will help answer phones, verify insurance, sterilize instruments, and dental assist for certain procedures. Required work dates: July 8 - 18

Human Services

1005. Industry: Social Services

Location: Conroe, TX

The intern will work in small or large groups with adults who are Intellectually and Developmentally Challenged in the day hab day program of Bridgewood Farms. He/she will also work as needed one-to-one on an individual goal pertaining to specific program client is enrolled in, such as Adult Continuing Education; Ceramics; Health/PE; Horticulture and Pre-Vocational Training.. The following checks will be applicable:  background check; confidentiality statement; volunteer data form; volunteer application.

1006: Industry: Social Services

Location: Conroe, TX

The intern will be assisting in development and fundraising project planning for a special event, social media marketing, database management, program flyers and promotion and resale store donation processing.  He/she will be introduced to the program's processes and guidelines and have the opportunity to work with staff providing direct assistance to those we serve. Application packet including release of liability, confidentiality agreement, media release, emergency contact information. Background check required for students 18 and older.

Work Dates: not available June 10 - 14.

1007: Industry: Social Service

Location: Conroe, TX

The intern will have the opportunity to be exposed and Trained in resaleP furniture, Customer Service, Cleaning, Point of Sales System & Work Skills on timeliness. A parental consent and volunteer form must be filled out.

1008: Industry: Social Services

Location: Conroe TX

The intern would get a chance to be  involved with our Breakfast Bag program and aniMeals programs and helping us to work with other volunteers. They will get an opportunity to ride along on a route for meal delivery to our clients.  They will have a kitchen tour and learn about our infrastructure and our clients needs. He/she must complete a required form for parental consent. Required work dates: June 10 - 21

1009:  Industry: Non-Profit Location: Magnolia

The intern will have the opportunity to work with the Executive Director and in conjunction with SOS managerial staff and team leads, the Volunteer Coordinator has the operational responsibility for the scheduling of volunteers at all SOS locations and SOS Special Events and capturing volunteer,  hours spent. He/she will also have a chance to help support local events. A volunteer and release form is required. Required work dates: July 8 - 18

Information Technology

Law, Public Safety

1212: Industry: Law

Location: The Woodlands, TX

The intern will be exposed to all sorts of legal activities - depending on schedules:  mediation, deposition, court cases; client meetings, etc. Work dates: June

1213: Industry: Immigration Law

Location: Willis, TX

The intern will shadow the attorney for court hearings, help prepare legal documents, participate in client meetings  and discuss with the attorney aspects of business ownership and law practice. A Confidentiality agreement will need to be signed by the intern. Work dates: June

1214: Industry: Law

Location: Oak Ridge, TX

The interns will be exposed to a comprehensive estate planning and business planning practice (and some civil litigation). He/she will have the opportunity to visit the civil courthouse to observe probate, criminal and/or civil matters. Interns will be able asked to sit in on any attorney-client meetings and any business development meeting on the calendar. Any intern activity performed during the pendency of the internship that generates potential business for Weygandt Law, (such as cold calling/following up with businesses or families) will be fairly compensated. An independent contractor agreement with nondisclosure and confidentiality provisions must be signed.

Marketing, Sales & Service

1308: Industry: Non-Profit

Location: Magnolia, TX The intern will have the opportunity to work with the Marketing/Communication Specialist that is responsible for supporting the marketing and public communications needs of SOS through the development of SOS newsletters, flyers, and other promotional materials as well as posting to Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter. A volunteer and release form is required. Required work dates: June 24 - July 3

1309. Industry: Marketing/Promotional

Location: Oak Ridge

The intern will have an opportunity to attend client meetings to determine needs, work on networking, brainstorming ideas, product research, Committee meetings for Event logistics, Self Promotion- e-newsletter, social media. He/she will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Required work dates: June 17 - 28

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics


1402. Industry: Environmental Service

Location: The Woodlands

The intern will gain an appreciation for scientific field and lab work, especially as it relates to arbovirus surveillance, while working as part of a team with the Mosquito Surveillance & Education Program. Learn how to troubleshoot equipment, use a dichotomous key, and apply the scientific method. The intern will also complete a self-directed project in an area of interest related to mosquito surveillance and education. He/she will be required to complete the appropriate parental consent and HR paperwork. Please note that due to the nature of the position, interns will require 3 weeks to complete the required 80 hours, off of Fridays.

1409: Industry: Scientific Research - Coastal Resilience

Location: The Woodlands, TX
The intern will conduct research on coastal resilience in Houston-Galveston region including literature review, simple database management, data collection and simple analysis. Possibly some introductory geo-spatial mapping. He/she must present a summary of their work in a brief PowerPoint presentation on June 27. Required work dates June 3 - 28, 20 hours per week