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Education for Tomorrow Alliance is fortunate to have a multitude of dedicated volunteers to support Future Focus, SCI://TECH Exposition, Next Generation Leadership, and Student Internship Programs.

It takes hundreds of volunteers each year to reach more than 9,000 students. Thank you for all you do to support local education!


The 29th annual SCI://TECH Exposition, themed Where STEM Gets its Roots, offered K-12 students 13 science, technology, engineering and mathematics events that encourage exploration and hands-on learning. Learn more about the SCI://TECH Exposition here.

Throughout the year, EfTA offers career development programming at Conroe and Oak Ridge High School. We need your help!  We are seeking volunteers to participate in monthly career panels where you share your life experience and expertise with 10th and 11th grade students.  Whether you had a detailed plan for life after high school or you are still trying to figure out what you want to be when you “grow up,” your insights are valuable in helping encourage and shape tomorrow’s leaders.   

Sessions take place once a month during lunch from 11:07 am to 12:40 pm at Conroe and Oak Ridge High School. Meetings will start with a panel and Q&A based on the month’s topic where guest speakers share their honest feedback, and may follow with small group discussions or individual student activities. This is an opportunity for professionals to come share their career stories.  
Thank you for your interest in Career Connections. Our programming is complete for the 2018-19 school year. Please register for our mailing list and we will update you with future opportunities. 

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Volunteers engage junior high school students with an specially-designed curriculum created to get students thinking about the how the decisions they make today affect their long term success. Interactive workshops focus on positive decision-making and the value of education.   

Counselors and teachers from area junior high schools partner with Education for Tomorrow Alliance staff members to offer Future Focus programming that is relevant to their students. In some schools, volunteers offer a 50-minute curriculum that helps students set goals, while in others volunteers participate in career panels or mock interviews. Training is available to support volunteers in each role.  

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Education for Tomorrow Alliance is proud to partner with The Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce to offer the Next Generation Leadership program to 12th grade students in the Chamber service area. The program is intended to provide promising students with the opportunity to learn about leadership at work in Montgomery County and to cultivate individual leadership skills through interaction with professionals in business, education, and government. Volunteers interact with 12th grade students, networking with them and answering any potential questions about their profession the students might have. Volunteers are needed during the fall of each year. 

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Employers volunteer to host students during the summer preceding their senior year of high school to expose students to the realities of their industries through hands-on work experience. All students are asked to work two consecutive weeks/eighty hours in June or July (based on the availability of the employers and students) to ensure an appropriate level of commitment.

Each intern employer agrees to provide a meaningful, quality opportunity for their interns to learn as much as possible about a career field.  Depending on the nature of the work, some positions will be more hands on than others; job shadowing is okay.  In some cases, an intern will follow the direction of one employee for the full two weeks, and in others, students have to opportunity to rotate among departments.  Employers decide what makes the most sense with their company. Intern hosts are welcome to take more than one student.

The internships are structured as unpaid work experience, but some companies choose to pay.  Some companies also opt to hire the students after the internships are complete, but that is the decision of the employer and not an expectation of EfTA.  

Finally, students apply and compete for these internships.  They are typically ambitious, intelligent young adults capable of doing impressive work for their age.  Employers have the opportunity to interview students to confirm that there will be a good fit between the company and the intern interests.

118 area students were placed by the Student Internship Program in Summer 2018.  Thanks to all our hosting partners that make this program possible!

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Palmer's Internship Experience

After Palmer's internship, Palmer was hired by the Woodlands Economic Development Partnership (EDP) as an employee. The Woodlands EDP shared, "Palmer has done a great job and we 
are very fortunate for the quality students we get from EfTA every year. Congratulations on 
making this program what it is today!"